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Terra Carroll

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I have been fortunate to live and attend school, or work, in almost every province in Canada. Although I have enjoyed all that I have seen and done,  I feel very luck to be living and working in Carstairs, Alberta now.
I have been happy to work in this school division for 12 years in Carstairs schools:  first Hugh Sutherland, and this will be my fifth year at CES.  There is no other school division or school I would rather work in.  Our students, staff, parents, and community are the best I have ever worked with.  The caring and support in this school is like no other place I have ever worked and I am grateful and humbled by it.  I love my job and all the people I encounter at school each day.
I do volunteer work teaching adults and families some evenings and weekends in Calgary, and out in nature in the summer.  It gives a good balance to working with elementary students, which is my first love.  I am fortunate to have two children and two grandchildren within visiting distance and enjoy spending time with my family.