Message from the Superintendent |

Message from the Superintendent

Engaging every student in our Safe and Caring Schools

A Message from the Superintendent

We know that meaningful relationships and a foundation of trust move our students toward success, and that is precisely what you can expect for your child in Chinook’s Edge. We are committed to ensuring each of our students and staff feel they are safe, cared for and that they belong. This is at the core of our quality learning environment, and it leads to healthy development for our students and a sense of wellness for everyone in our school communities.

Chinook’s Edge takes enormous pride in the safe and caring culture in each of our schools. We work together toward this priority by sharing ideas, blending resources and leading projects that ensure we are a school division filled with safe, healthy and happy students and staff.

Kurt Sacher

Superintendent of Schools

Please note:

With the legalization of cannabis expected to take effect on October 17, we want to be clear that cannabis is considered to be a restricted substance in our school division. Cannabis use, like alcohol use, is prohibited in all Chinook’s Edge schools, on school property or during school related activities. Details are provided on Admin Procedure 3-11 ‘Student Substance Abuse’, and it is important to note that infractions will result in serious consequences. October 17th will be no different than October 16th in terms of what is allowed in our schools. Thank you.