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Message from the Superintendent

A message of thanks
From the Superintendent

As the end of a school year draws near, our typical June newsletter message would reflect on the meaningful learning that we have shared together as a division. Although meaningful learning has taken place, I don’t need to tell you that it required a significant adjustment to the way we typically serve our students in a face to face environment. I know that it has been equally as challenging at your end. This year has been a testament to the fortitude of everyone involved – our students, teachers, parents, staff, and community. Our entire Board and Central Office team would like to express both our pride and gratitude for every level of success that has been achieved in each of our school communities.

We know that even in the best of times our leaders and our people need to be able to handle a changing world and all of the ambiguity that comes with that. During a pandemic that pressure is elevated to a place that requires the very best mindset from all of us. To get through this, we are all doing what we can to remain calm, to be flexible, to support the increasing social emotional needs of our students, and yet still keep our eye on our core purpose: student learning. Our classroom, school and division leaders have all been put to the task in ways that we could not have completely anticipated. We know we did well under difficult circumstances, and yet we also know we need to learn from this and be even better in the fall. Moving learning forward during the pandemic has involved hard work and dedication from every corner, including the amazing perseverance of our students and their parents. We will need the best from everyone involved as we move into the 2020-21 school year.

Until that time, I hope that the summer months provide opportunities for all of you to be with your family and friends and restore the vitality that you may have lost during these unsettling times. I look forward to the fall and I hold out great hope for the days ahead.

Kurt Sacher
Superintendent of Schools